Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day Tour

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Location :
Saigon, Ho Chi Minh city
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4-6 hours - Day Trips
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A must see

You get a chance to walk through the tunnels. Our guide was so knowledgeable other tourists came into out group and listened in. Make sure you bring a raincoat we were soaked.


Fascinating, but the gun range is inappropriate

Exploration of the tunnels and jungle set up used during the french and American wars. You don’t have to go into the tunnels themselves, there are plenty of other elements to see. I have a big problem with the gun range which is an additional activity tourists scan choose. Having learnt about the war and the Vietnamese and Americans that died in these jungles, it was jarring that not only this gun range was available, but fellow tourists felt this was an activity to enjoy at this site. War is not a fun game to play

Finley Taylor

A must see! should be visited by every tourist!

U have to go here. Learn how they build a tunnel and the tour guide is funny u also will be served tapioca eat with salt, sugar n peanut. Delicious.



Diese Besichtigung war sehr schön, aber die Tunnelgänge die zum Teil persönlich zu gegehen besser zu berutschen sind , sind sehr beengend. Nun wird aber der Ausdruck grüne Hölle verständlich


Interesting first hand perspective

Get there early to beat the rush (and the heat) - explore the tunnels, the traps, the shooting range and the information displays to learn about the history of conflict in the area. IS part of a larger comp,e with pools, restaurant etc but didn't stay for this as with a tour.

Chan C

An Eye opener

This is a place I wanted to visit for the longest time to explore and feel what it is like during the Vietnam war. The tunnels system and the way of life underground is fascinating. I cannot even imagine the great discomfort the soldiers had while fighting and living underground for months and even years. It is a place all should visit if they are in Vietnam.

Judy W

Remarkable and confronting at the same time

An amazing place to visit. Cu Chi Tunnels is well presented and managed, giving an insight into the harsh reality of the Vietnam war. Well worth a visit.


A must see experience

A day trip (around 6 hours) but worth every minute, you get a real sense of the conditions they fought in. Great English speaking guides with lots of commentary.

Chris S

Great hands on experience and not dirty at all

Heard a lot about the maze of tunnels but only the first time to witness it. It was amazing and ingenious ! Got to try to go down and experience it! Must pay attention to the rubber slippers that were purposefully made reversed !

Jay S

베트콩들이 얼마나 창의적으로 싸웠는지 배울 수 있는 곳.

호텔에서 알아 본 가격은 $65 이었는데 1층 커피숍 사장님 추천으로 $25에 반나절 관광을 했습니다. 10명 단체 관광이었는데 가이드가 좀 어색한 영어를 하기는 하는데 다 알아들을 수 있었습니다. 저희 그룹에는 독일친구들, 인도 부부, 일본 친구들 저 이렇게 함께 다녔는데 일본 친구들은 영어를 못해서인지 자기들끼리 다니고 나머지 일행들은 금새 친해져서 함께 사진찍고 다녔습니다. 마침 비가 좀 내리는 날이라 걸어다니며 땀을 많이 흘렸지만 나름 재미있는 경험이었습니다. 베트콩들이 얼마나 힘들게 싸우고 창의적인 방법들을 사용했는지 배우게 되어 좋았습니다. 실탄 사격장이 있어서 좀 시끄럽기는 합니다. 실탄 사격을 하게되면 비용이 좀 나옵니다. 여정 마지막에 (3시 가까이 되어서) 점심이 포함 안되어있는 줄 알고 있었는데 점심으로 쌀국수를 주네요. 맛있게 잘 먹었습니다. 호치민 (사이공) 가시는 분들은 한 번 방문해 보실만 합니다.
f w

ford wilkins

Must-see location when visit Ho chi minh city

a lot of information about History of Vietnam- US war. We booked this tour from our Hotel and never regret about this. This war took many lifes from both sides and demonstrate the modern weapons can't win the willing of people. Vietnamese have a right to proud of it.


An amazing thought provoking experience. Must visit.

This was a fantastic living museum that gave clear insight into the Vietnam war. It gave an unbiased account of life in the tunnels.

Bharat D

A must visit. Very informative regarding the Vietnam War.

We really enjoyed the experience. It gives you the real insight as to how the people survived during the war. Also lets you experience how it was people lived in he tunnels for years when the war was on.


Must Do!

My boyfriend and I had an interesting afternoon exploring the Ch Chi Tunnels and learning more about the role that these tunnels played during the Vietnam War. It was a fun experience going into the tunnels and we would recommend it as a must-do if you’re visiting Ho Chi Minh City.


Amazing trip

Our tour guide was the best !!! Made the trip million times better wow what a great person and worked
W s

Worth seeing!

Ash McIntyre

Took a tour from Ho Chi Minh to the cu Chi tunnels and Mekong Delta, despite the rain the entire time it was well worth seeing! So amazing that they built these tunnels by hand... Our guide Huong was great too and spoke fantastic English! Highly recommended

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