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vinaday - online tourist services for train & bus tickets.


The travel company established in Saigon, Vietnam specializes in organizing the Vietnam throughout tours and hostels for backpackers and young travelers.


Goreise.com established is a sole aim to develop luxury and customized products for businessmen, high-end customers,apart for the low-budget and ordinary products. VINADAY goREISE continuously expands and boosts the products thru Southeast Asian Countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar…


In a Covid19 pandemic, such is an extremely difficult period to impact on everyone including us. Our services and plans were mostly suspended.

2022: goreise and VINADAY TRAVEL

After the Covid-19 pandemic, to avoid putting “ all your eggs in one basket” , the company decided to divide into two business parts VINADAY GOREISE and VINADAY TRAVEL

  • goreise by VINADAY GOREISE: specialize in the investment fields, vietnam visa services and business trips

  • VINADAY TRAVEL specialize in tours and travel services for all travellers
We’re so grateful that we greatly welcome you all in our ahead journey

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