Mandalay backpacking tourism

Mingalaba! Mandalay, established in 1857,  is the second largest city in Myanmar.  It lies on the east bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River. Mandalay is very famous for the Royal Palace of the last Konbaung Dynasty, countless cultural heritage from the ancient Myanmar Kingdoms and gorgeous places to visit.

Here is our pick for anyone who need a Mandalay backpacking tourism in summer 2019.

What you have in a Mandalay backpacking tourism

 Get visa

  • Visa-free travel (for 14 days, or longer in some cases) is permitted for Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia and Laos passport holders.
  • Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Macau citizens are permitted visa-free travel for up to 28 days.
  • Chinese and Indian passport holders can a get visa on arrival for USD 50.
  • The others have to apply e-visa at: official Ministry of Immigration e-visa. 


$1 USD =  1,360 Myanmar Kyat (k)

Get to Mandalay

The best way to head to Mandalay is go by airplane. It is one hour’s drive to downtown Mandalay from Mandalay International Airport. You can take a taxi (there is no public transport) and the price is around K25,000.

the best way to head to Mandalay
Mandalay international airport

Get around Mandalay

If you choose a hotel in the central Mandalay, you can easily go for a walk to most gorgeous places. Taxis from most hotels to a restaurant or the ferry station are 6,000k one way or 10,000k round trip.

You also can rent motorbikes in Mandalay but we would not recommend this since it is up to your skill as well as the chaotic traffic. Otherwise, you could hire a private driver.

Stay hotel

There are hotels for any kinds of budget in your Mandalay backpacking tourism. There are some imaginative spots for those in honeymoon in Myanmar.

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Check-in the best restaurants

There are several Burmese restaurant and world-class ones in Mandalay. If you are looking for something budget-friendly, you could easily find the best cheap eat in Madalay

the best cheap eat in Mandalay
Mandalay stir noodle

Learn more about Burmese cuisine at here

Where you go in Mandalay backpacking tourism

1 Mandalay hill

Come out to the top of Mandalay Hill for a spectacular view of Mandalay. We highly recommend it for the gorgeous sunset. You can reach the top of hill by climbing stairs or take a taxi to lift you to the top. Your goal is to hike Sutaungpyei Pagoda on the peak.

Mandalay backpacking tourism

2 Mingun Pahtodawgyi

Situated roughly in Mingun 11km up the Ayeyarwady River, Mingun Pahtodawgyi is the most popular for the cracks running through it caused by an earthquake in 1839. One astrologer said that the temple was never completed. Otherwise the king would pass away. Had the stupa been completed it would have been the largest in the world standing at 490 feet.

Mandalay backpacking tourism

3 Sandamuni pagoda

One highlight at Sandamuni Pagoda is the largest iron Buddha cast in 1802. The huge golden pagoda was built with tons of white stupas surrounding which makes for a masterpiece. This is a must-try item that you should add to your Mandalay backpacking tourism.

Mandalay backpacking tourism

4. Kuthoaw pagoda

This destination is well-known as the world’s largest book with 729 stupas. Every single one contains a marble slab with text from the Tipitaka (Buddist scriptures) inscribed. You have to read one year if you spend 8 hours a day just reading.

Mandalay backpacking tourism

5. Mandalay palace

Mandalay palace is a primary sympol of Myanmar. It is located in the middle of the moat in the heart of Mandalay, the royal palace of the last two kings of the Burmese monarchy built in 1857. Although some parts of palace were damaged during World War II, its replica was rebuilt in 1990’s.

Mandalay backpacking tourism

6 Inwa ancient city

Once upon a time, Inwa or Ava used to be the Myanmar’s most famous old capital between 1365 to 1842 and was abandoned in 1839 after an earthquake. The King decided to build a new place  and move the government to Amarapura. Visitors will see the remains of the old capital for those who are historical lovers. To get to Inwa, you’ll have to take a quick ferry for 1,000k.

Mandalay backpacking tourism

7 U Bein Bridge

Set off your day to explore the U Bein Bridge for sunrise. It is claimed that the U Bein Bridge is the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world that was built back in 1849. It is 1.2 km long. The local people used it to cross Taungthaman Lake. It would better to visit in the early morning for sunrise.

Mandalay backpacking tourism

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