itinerary through thailand

As one of East Asia’s most popular destinations, Thailand attracts scores of tourists every year, receiving almost 38 million international visitors in 2018. Tourists are drawn to its secluded white sand beaches, incredible street food, and a strong cultural heritage.

Here is our pick to explore itinerary through Thailand in 2019.

itinerary through Thailand

Overview about Thailand

1.Currency:  Thai Baht

  • 1 USD = 31.5070 THB

The best way to travel to Thailand

2.Thailand visa:

  • The citizens from the US, UK, and EU passports are given a free 30-day visa when you enter Thailand by air and 15 days if you enter overland.
  •  ASEAN passport holders get a free 30-day visa upon entry.
  • In case you want to stay longer, you can apply for a tourist visa in Thai embassy(this gives you 60 days).
itinerary through Thailand
Grand Palace

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Almost people who works in touristy industry also can speak English very fluently. In case you meet some locals who cannot speak English, do not fret. This is a great chance for you to learn about the local life. We are reveal some basic phrases and words that are very useful in your Thailand tourism.


The best way to travel to Thailand is by airplane. You can check some cheapest Thailand tickets in the low seasons.

If you are staying in the neighboring countries of Thailand such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao, you can choose sleeping bus. Even though it will takes you much time, bus is the cheapest way to travel to Thailand. The popular route by land is from Ho Chi Minh city to Siemriep, then Bangkok.


  • Do not talk negatively about the Thai King
  • Avoid stepping on Thai money
  • Do not point with your feet
  • Do not touch a Thai persons head
  • Be careful with the traffic and to eat out

6.Time to visit:

The best time to go to Thailand is from December to March. The weather in Thailand is divided into three parts: Rainy (roughly May-Oct), Cool (Nov–Feb), Hot(March-May).


AccommodationFood Transport

  • Siam Kempinski hotel Bangkok: from 506 USD
  • Akyra Manor Chiang Mai: from 300 USD – 700 USD
  • JW Marriott hotel Bangkok: from 273 USD to 945 USD
  • Street food: $1-3
  • Restaurant: $5-10
  • Luxurious restaurant: $15++
  • Songthaew (red jeep): $0.60
  • Tuk Tuk: $1-5 depending on distance
  • Overnight buses: $15 (regular) $20 (VIP)
  • Trains: $35 (1st class with your own bed) $12 (3rd class train)

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8.Your luggage:

  • Take it for granted that you bring lots of cool quick dry clothing and well as a scarf or two for visiting temples and other religious sites.
  • Some must-bring items in your itinerary through Thailand are travel water bottle, travel sandal and beach blanket.

Best places in the itinerary through Thailand

The Chaos of Bangkok

Well-known as the heart of Thailand, Chaos is a busy metropolitan city in Southeast Asia. Spending a few days is a great option to expose yourself into this wonderful city. In Bangkok, there are several unique temples, vast shopping malls and more gorgeous destinations that you cannot miss out in your itinerary through Thailand in 2019.

thai tourism

Some must-visit items is Wat Pho Temple and the Grand Palace. Moreover, you also can go trekking the widely diverse Chatuchak weekend market and enjoy the best street-food in Bangkok

itinerary through Thailand
Wat Pho Temple

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Visit Northern Thailand

One of the most attractive destinations in your itinerary through Thailand is the rugged beautiful landscapes in the Northern Thailand and to explore hill-tribe villages. Do not miss out ridding Mae Hong Son Loop which is one of the attractive options in Thailand.

itinerary through Thailand
Mae Hong Son Loop

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is an old city as a cultural hub in the Northern Thailand. You can easily to find several things to do in Chiang Mai. It is broken into many parts: the must-see attractions, must-try restaurants, the most comfortable hotels.

The travelers can fuel their excitement with Thai massage, cooking courses, plenty of lively nightlife and wonderful cuisine.

itinerary through Thailand

Chiang Rai

Welcome to Chang Rai! This is a wonderful place for those who are eager to explore the natural attractions and to leanr more about Thai history. Visitors will experience the hill tribes which makes their own goods such as jewelry,etc. In addition, the province has numerous beautiful spots such as Mai Sai, Chiang Saen,Doi Hua Mae Kham and so on.

itinerary through Thailand
Chiang Saen


Situated roughly 135km from the city of Chiang Mai, this magnificent village is the kind of place you can open your eyes to stay and expose yourself into the breath of nature.

itinerary through Thailand

Explore the marine life

Popular as a very diverse marine life, Thailand is one of the cheapest places to learn about scuba dive. Some main diving destinations in the entire gulf of Thailand are Koh Tao, Koh Phi Phi, Phuket or the other many islands. If you are a big fan of water-sport activities, cruising on a liveboard boat is an unforgettable experience in your itinerary through Thailand.

itinerary through Thailand

Go trekking Thailand off the beaten tracks

Making sure you do not miss out some mysterious places throughout this mountainous region that are hardly seen by most tourists. If you really want to keep an authentic Thai land experience, explore some our recommendation: Pand Ung; Ban Muang Pon; Nan; Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat; Staying in a Tree House in Thong Pha Phum; Wat Tham Seua.

itinerary through Thailand


Travel to Island Hopping in the Thai Islands

Visitors are drawn to its secluded beaches and underwater life or party vibe in the full moon in Koh Phangan. While going trekking Phi Phi, Phuket, and the rest of the popular places are considered as musts, if you want quiet beaches, Thailand promises to have heaps of other islands that are worth visiting.

itinerary through Thailand
Koh Phangan




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