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You cannot miss out Angkor Wat temple when explore Siem Reap. However, you also cannot neglect some other prominent parts of the city. Here are some astonishing things to visit beside Angkor Wat temple.

1. Admire the Angkor temples

Angkor Wat is one of the pride of the Cambodian. There used to be the Khmer empire that once dominated most of Southeast Asia.

The most popular temples are Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Phrom, and Angkor Thom. The best time to take some photos is sunrise. Another option is to hire a bike and visit outer temples Elephant terrace; East Mebon; Preah Khan; Pre Rup; Preah Ko; (Sacred Bull); Srah Srang; Baksei Chamkrong…

The best time to visit is dry season (from late November to early April). Angkor Wat is open year-round to welcome visitors.

explore siemreap


“Angkor Wat is famed for being one of the must see sites of the world and so is an absolute must if you are visiting the Angkor temples. It actually seems less busy that some of the others due to the size of the temple. Go for a sunrise start, just note if the wether is a bit overcast this might not amount to much. the classic picture across the water may also be not a good if you are in the dry season also. However this is a fantastic temple with some of the best details of the carvings etc, and is probably the main reason you would be coming to Siem Reap in the first place. It is the best presented of the temples and cannot be missed.” said by a visitor on trip advisor

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2 Visit Bantey Srei

Known as:”theworld of woman”, Bantey Srei is one of the most religious spot to worship Shiva – the God of Hindu. This temple attract to visitors by its reddish colored sandstone carved the statue. Moreover, it also provides a rich history about the Kingdom of Angkor. You should add this in the must-see list to explore Siem Reap on your vacation.

explore siemreap


We visited this smaller temple on a trip combining a visit to the landmine museum and a few stops a long the way to watch villagers fishing. The temple is different in colour and in the detail still evident in the carving. A wonderful way to spend a day.” said by a visitor on tripadvisor

3 Hire a tuk-tuk

No tuk-tuk. Not today. Not tomorrow” said by the local.

Tuk-tuks are the local taxis, and the easiest way to travel around Siem Reap. You can get anywhere in the main city for 2 USD. Do not forget to give a bonus for a gentle guide  if you can find the “VIP Batman” tuk-tuk.

the easiest way to travel around siemreap


It was a fantastic day for us with Mr Kat. He listened good to our wishes and gave us good tips. He drove us all around. He knows a lot of the country. He also took good care of us. He took all the time for us. A nice, kind and helpful man. It was a pleasure to spent the day with him. He also speaks good English.” said by a visitor on trip advisor.

4 Taste chili fried insects

If you dare to try some strange food, do not heritage to try bugs. At Phsar Chas, the Old Market, you can get a feel for a real  the old local market and look for several types of interesting food such as spiders, wasps, crickets or silkworms. The bugs are so crispy, yummy and nutritious. Additional, you can find diverse specialties in Cambodia.

explore siemreap


A good place to get souvenirs, largely the same as the night markets that dot Siem Reap Old Town. Bargain hard,and buy in larger quantities for good discounts. It’s really for tourists. If you want a real local market in Siem Reap, go to Phsar Leu (Central Market). That is one big market and very local… don’t expect the gaudy trinkets, and silk stuff…” said by a visitor on tripadvisor

5 Watch a traditional Apsara performance

Let’s expose yourself into the traditional Cambodian culture when watching Apsara performance.

Most tourists usually choose a dinner and performance combo offered at any of a number of local hotels and restaurants at various cost.

If you want the culture with a budget-friendly, Temple Balcony offers a free Apsara performance. You will pay for your dinner. Here is one comment from Temple Balcony:

the easiest way to travel around siemreap

The free dance show was so good. We had dinner here and really enjoyed ourseves. The food was good and after the dance show we got to go on stage to get a picture with the dancers. Really fun.”said by a visitor on tripadvisor

6 Grab a beer on Pub Street:

Pub Street is Siem Reap’s party hub and enjoy the local food during the nightlife before the sun shines again. You can enjoy the busy night under several colorful lamp posts and make some new friends.

Great atmosphere.the street is buzzing and offers a great night life in Siem reap. Plenty of eating options, live music,bars. After all that enjoy a massage at the many parlours.” said by a visitor on tripadvisor

the easiest way to travel around siemreap



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