Ha Long Bay sunrise

Situated in the northeast Vietnam, Halong Bay is a popular travel destination in Quang Ninh province.

In the Halong luxury travel review, we reviewed the list of  4 best cruises that you can get sumptuous experience in this tourist attraction.

In Halong luxury travel review, spending a night on Ha Long Bay's cruises is on many a travel wish list
In Halong luxury travel review, spending a night on Halong Bay’s cruises is on a travel wish list of many tourists.

It can be said that Halong is home of the best cruises in Vietnam, offering interesting excursions for your long day trip.

1.Paradise Cruises – the best one in Halong luxury travel review

Paradise Cruises - the best one in Halong luxury travel review

Leading luxury cruise operator, Paradise Cruises which include many lines such as Paradise Luxury, Paradise Peak, etc., suitable to needs of a lot of tourists.

Included 17 comfortable cabins per boat, a bar, a restaurant and spa, a top deck with day beds, the Paradise Luxury boats will give you 360 degree views of the incredible scenery around you.

Ha Long Paradise Cruise

In the comparison to the Paradise Peak – the company’s latest boat, both of lines seem very similar from the outside, but while the Luxury boats have 17 comfortable cabins including four suites, Paradise Peak is made up entirely of eight suites.

Ha Long Paradise Cruise view

Certainly, every suite has its own balcony, dining area, large bathroom with a tub with a view by the window and each one has its own butler.

In addition, Paradise Peak is also one of the only all-inclusive boats in the bay.

Among of them, Paradise Peak is a high recommendation to either family or visitors looking for a romantic gateway in an astonishing location.

2.Indochina Junk Cruises

Halong luxury travel review: Top 4 best cruises 1

Indochina Junk Cruises – operated a fleet of six newly built wooden junks designed in time-honored traditional style, with contemporary and luxurious cabins and facilities, is one of the best places to enjoy paradise in Ha Long Bay.

It has introduced 4 boats: one Indochina Sails 14 cabins, two sails with 15 cabins and the biggest one is up to 23 cabins.

Staying few days would be not a unforgettable experience during your trip. From the bedroom window, you can enjoy spectacular views of the bay.

3. Au Co Cruise

Au co Cruise Ha Long Quang Ninh

The Au Co Cruise is the only cruise that is operating a 2 nights cruise on Halong bay using the same boat throughout, no need to change to day boat.

The only time you have to leave the boat is when you go out for activities (like kayaking, swimming) where they use a small boat to transfer you between the deep water and shallow water.

2 nights on the bay and taking part in activities are highly recommended for many tourists staying here. The Au Co Cruise is more expensive than the others.

4.Heritage Line: Violet, Ginger, Jasmine Cruises

Jasmine Cruises

Heritage Line Cruises & Junk Halong Bay operates three traditional, high-end boutique junks, known as “Three sisters”. They are named after flowers such as Violet, Ginger and Jasmine.

Each of them offers a different travel experience. The Ginger is the oldest one, features 10 cabins and overlooking to common viewing space.

The Jasmine is larger with 20 cabins and similar standards. Both of them are very comfortable, quality cruise options, but they feature only a few suite cabins.

Jasmine Cruises Ha Long Quang Ninh

Beside of them, the Violet is the most favorite cruise of foreign tourists. Only six cabins, the Violet Cruise will give you all amenities and more spacious as luxury hotels on land.

Those are some useful information of cruises in Halong luxury travel review. It would be unforgettable memories that you cannot find out nowhere else like it in the world.

Read more the best way to get there. Let your dream come true with open eyes.

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