The fame of Vietnamese coffee

the most attractive coffee culture in Vietnam

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Vietnam is the second largest coffee producing country in the world, and coffee is one of the main drinks of Vietnamese people. With a number of popular coffee brands, local coffee shops, and numerous self-employed vendors on every corner, a cup of coffee is never far away when you are wandering around.

One of the most attractive coffee culture in Vietnam is Phin filter coffee. Locals leisurely enjoy their morning while waiting for coffee to drip through a filter, sipping it away, reading a newspaper, or gossiping. Phin filter coffee always occupies an important place in Vietnamese people’s hearts, it represents a lot of memories and traditions for Vietnamese.

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Some famous local coffee brands that you should give a try!

Trung Nguyen legend

(Trung Nguyen coffee-source from @huyenbii2210)

Trung Nguyen Coffee, Highlands Coffee, The Coffee House, Cong Ca Phe, Phuc Long Coffee & Tea are all very popular local coffee brands that we recommend you try for a safe cup of coffee.

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How to bring Vietnamese coffee home?

After you fall in love with Vietnamese Coffee, you might want to take some home for yourself or as a souvenir. With ground coffee and a phin filter kit, you can easily make a cup of coffee Vietnamese style at home to impress everyone after your trip.

Some other coffee styles…

drink coffee in Vietnam-ca phe sua da

(ca phe sua da-source from @thientamveg)

Vietnamese usually drink 2 main types of coffee: iced black coffee called “ca phe den da”, and milk coffee called “ca phe sua da”.

drink coffee in Vietnam-ca phe den

(ca phe den-source from @hatran0503)

Iced black coffee consists of brewed coffee with strong and bitter flavor, same as expresso. Adding a little sugar would make it taste more delicious, but you can drink it without sugar. Milk coffee is a mix of black coffee and sweet condensed milk.  The taste is sweet, silky, and strong.

Saigon and Hanoi locals have their own special coffee styles that you can not find anywhere else in the world. If you are a person who has a sweet tooth, “bac xiu” of Saigon is worth a try. With the main ingredients are milk and condensed milk, just a little of coffee, it is sweeter than “ca phe sua da” and has its own unique taste.

Hanoi coffee culture-egg coffee

(egg coffee-source from @shintaro_sakata)

In Hanoi, egg coffee called “ca phe trung” is a signature of Hanoi coffee culture. This is a cup combined of egg whites whipped with condensed milk, black coffee, and is drunk while still hot. Egg Coffee is almost like a dessert so it might make for a nice after lunch wake up treat.

the most popular local coffee labels in Vietnam

(ca phe sua dua-source from @seon.0110)

If you want to drink one more Vietnamese cafe-style, coconut coffee is an option that should not be ignored. Coconut coffee is called “ca phe sua dua”, made of black coffee, condensed milk and coconut milk over ice. I recommend the best place to try it is Cong Ca Phe – one of the most popular local coffee labels in Vietnam.

Tips for buying coffee on the street

  • Do not buy from small vendors who only serve to tourists. If they are not providing quality coffee, no one is going to be able to complain about it in a way that will warn other travelers.
  • Follow the locals, if you see locals sitting and drinking coffee at a vendor, you will usually be okay.
  • Avoid purchasing anything from street vendors if you are in poorer areas of Vietnam, meaning very rural areas that lack education or proper hygiene.