Best Favorite Souvenirs From Myanmar

Myanmar is an extremely interesting destination. Travelling to Myanmar, any visitors are fond of strolling around markets to find favorite gifts for friends and family.

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Are you wondering what to buy? Let me recommend some best favorite souvenirs from Myanmar:

1.Thanakha cosmetic

Thanakha cosmetic

Go around the streets in Myanmar, you would be surprised by the girls and women’s faces.

They paint golden circles on their cheeks made from the pulverized bark of thanakha trees.

Thanakha cosmetic 2

Beside of the colorful sarongs or “longyi”, Thanakha cosmetic is Burmese specialities.

Thanakha cosmetic myanamar Women

According to the Burmese, Thanakha cools the skin, prevents sun damage, clears up acne and can reduce fevers and headaches when ingested. It is one of best favorite souvenirs from Myanmar.


2. Sand Paintings

Sand Paintings Myanamr

Sand paintings are detailed and creative products of craftsman. You can find them in Bagan city.

The paintings express cultural life and lifestyle of Myanmar, of Buddha; or the calendar of the Burmese.


Jewelries in Myanamar

Jewelries are sold a lot in Inle Lake, Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay areas.

They are made from jade, silver and metal pieces, but most products are made of jade such as necklace, bracelet.


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Cigars in myanamar

Cigar is an unique souvenir in Myanmar. It’s well-known for warm and pleasant aroma.

Visitors can observe the process of making cigars from Burmese women. made from the natural materials, you can try one as the best favorite souvenirs from Myanmar.


5.The Buddha Statues

The Buddha Statues in myanmar

Well-known as the “land of golden pagodas”, it’s very easy for the visitors to find a lot of Buddha statues sold at many shops all over Myanmar.

6.”Longyi” – Traditional dress and the weaving products

Longyi Myanamar

Longyi is a type of traditional dress of the Burmese and used until now.

Colorful and handmade longyi is one of the best favorite souvenirs of the locals and visitors.

Besides, you can also purchase the traditional weaving products made by hand. They are made creatively from silk as bags or towels.

7.Paper Umbrellas

Unique paper umbrellas

Unique paper umbrellas which are designed colourfully and skilfully by craftsman, are attracted by visitors.

You can look for this speciality as visiting around Inle lake and Pathein city.


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