Mu Cang Chai - Lao Cai

This is the time of summer for tourists to have a distraction with family and friends. Most of people travel to white sand beaches, but there are a lot of islands or cool valleys where you can find out peaceful atmosphere and even  wallow in blue stream of water.

Did you have any plan for your vacation? Here are a list of 7 ideal destinations in this summer.

1.Mu Cang Chai – Lao Cai


Located in the Highlands of Yen Bai province, Mu Cang Chai is a rural district which is renowned with its rice terrace fields. The best time to get there is during september to october and from may to june.

Mu Cang Chai Rice Terrace has been recognized as one of the unique landscapes of Vietnam. Beside of the stunning beauty of Sapa, Mu Cang Chai rice terrace fields are highlights to attract more attention of domestic and international tourists.

Mu Cang Chai in the rice harvest season.
Mu Cang Chai in the rice harvest season.

2. Nui Coc Lake – Thai Nguyen

Nui Coc Lake - Thai Nguyen


Nui Coc lake which is a man-made lake, situated in Thai Nguyen Province. Coming there, tourists have a chance to admire the pristine beauty of islands within the lake. In the tranquil atmosphere on boat, you will feel the vast of lake, listen to its interesting legends. During the summer season, every year violet sim flowers bloom in the Coc mountain hill and the Nui Coc Lake.


3.Thien Cam Beach – Ha Tinh

Thien Cam Beach - Ha Tinh


Located 20km from the town of Ha Tinh Province, Thien Cam Beach is renowned as a romantic and pristine beauty in recent years.

With a tranquil space, cool and purely blue sea, this is a new ideal destination that you would be fall in love. Lying and walking on the fine and clean sand, you can relax yourself or even play with small waves sweeping into the sand banks.

Only here, travellers may hear the sound of sea wind, waves, howling tree leaves striking mountain cliffs, which create sweet melodies. All these make you  feel as you were in a fantastic land with refreshing moments.

4.Dai Lai Lake – Vinh Phuc

Dai Lai Lake - Vinh Phuc

The best time to travel to Dai Lai Lake is from april to september. During the summer vacation, Dai Lai is an ideal weekend destination of most of young people. About 10km to Vinh Phuc Province, Dai Lai is charming scenery of mountain and water by the Creator. To the north of the lake is Tam Dao Mountain Range with untouched green forests.

The hillocks closing to mountain slopes are extended by soil dams to create a solid wall for maintaining water of the lake. The harmonious combination between lake and mountains creates a vivid natural picture.

Besides, visitors can also choose duck-shaped pedalo to relax and discover many fascinating landscapes around the lake or visit Ngoc (Pearl) Island in the middle of the lake.

5.Thung Nai (Valley of Deer) – Hoa Binh

6 Ideal Destinations In This Summer 2019 1
Thung Nai (Valley of Deer) – Hoa Binh

Located in Hoa Binh Province, Thung Nai which is 100km far from Hanoi, is considered as “Halong Bay on land“. This is an ideal destination for young tourists by its charming beauty. With a perfect combination of mountains, forests and peaceful lakes, Thung Nai become the epitome of poetic landscapes, attracting tourists from all corners of the world.


6.Co To Island – Quang Ninh

Co To Island - Quang Ninh
Co To Island – Quang Ninh

Within Halong Bay, Co To Island is a hidden charm in Bai Tu Long Bay. Visiting Co To, tourists would not only have a chance to become one with the nature in a relaxing and fresh environment of blue clean water, but also to visit primitive forests, the impressive lighthouse of Co To, Ho Chi Minh’s Monument, Co To Pier, fishing village and natural reefs and islets.


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