incredible must-try items in Bagan

Bagan is an ancient city in the Mandalay Region in Myanmar. It is rich in history, which used to be the capital of the Pagan Kingdom from the 9th to 13th centuries. Old Bagan is a beloved year-round holiday destination for many tourists all over the world.

We will come up with to show you 10 incredible must-try items in Bagan. Hope you will have a perfect vacation in this summer.

1.Hire an electronic bike to visit 2000 temples

The local government encourages people to promotes green tourism through electric bike usage. Visitors could enjoy the breathtaking scenery, take a deep breath on the way to their destinations.

However, the tourists cannot explore all the temples and pagodas within one day. It is till a memorable experience that you must try once time.

best convenient way to bagan

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2.Stay in a hot air balloon over the temples

You will be up 2,000 feet in the air where you can see the beauty of some 2,200 temples.  The best time to use hot air balloon occurs from October to mid-April. The price is definitely high for at least 45 minutes, especially an ideal view to watch sunrise. It is the best ideal to add to your incredible must-try items in Bagan.

incredible must-try items in Bagan

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3.Watch the sunset on boat

Let’s meador down a sunset boat on the Irrawaddy River to go hiking to the temples near the river. You can wrap up your beautiful sunset with some strong cocktails.

10 incredible must-try items in bagan

4.Enjoy the Ananda temple festival

The festival is organized at the vicinity of Ananda Temple and it is highly recommended to be one of the most attractive events.

It is celebrated a few days before the full moon day of Pyatho(January or February). The fund is used for the maintenance of the temple which is about a thousand-year-old.

They put Thanaka (yellowish cosmetic paste) to keep their faces cool during that time.

10 incredible must-try items in bagan

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5.Taste Burmese cuisine

Malaysian cuisine is one of the best food among Asian ones. Burmese food has pretty much fish sauce and fermented seafood called ngapi, influenced by the cuisines of China, India, and Thailand.

cheap food in bagan
Burmese cheap food

6.Explore Mani-Sithu market

If you are search for some souvenirs on your memorable vacation. Let’s come out Mani-Sithu market.  You can find different Burmese cheap food as well as cheap but quality items. You will head to the market when you find a rotunda then you can go straight until you reach the covered shoppers’ heaven.

incredible must-try items in bagan

7.Try wearing traditional Longyi

Longyi is a traditional sarong-like cloth used by the men and women of Myanmar. If you want to get an interesting lens into the local life, you should try on one. Just ask the shop owner to teach you how to wear it in case you cannot just wear it anyway. The longyi has elaborated colorful patterns that really make an outfit. It can be cheap or expensive depending on quality and how you bargain.

incredible must-try items in bagan

8.Explore temples in Bagan

There are more 2,000 temples in Bagan that makes it a wonderful destination to visit. Tourists will admire the abundance of stupas stands for acts of merits in the ancient times. Here is our pick: Ananda Temple, Shwezigon Temple, Htilominlo Temple and Dhammayangyi Temple.

incredible must-try items in bagan
Ananda temple

9.Enjoy the art of gold

Come out to Bagan, you can see the how they enchased the gold in temples and Buddha statues. Grab your chance to visit Gold Leaf Workshop in the area.

incredible must-try items in bagan
the gold leaf workshop

10.Teach English to Burmese children

You can easily get free accommodation and food when teaching English to Burmese kids. This is an ideal way to learn more about the locals, taste diverse food and keep the best moment on your holiday.

incredible must-try items in bagan




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